The Friends of CERT-SA community card

Friends Of Cert-SA is a fundraising initiative in aid of CERT-SA. CERT-SA (Community Emergency Response Team) is a Public Beneficiary Organization that provides a life saving Emergency Medical and Rescue services to any person in Centurion.

The fundraising initiative, managed by the CERT-SA supporters aims to provide a value add to residents who sign-up for the 12 months pledge by offering them a friends card. The friends card will enable the bearer to enjoy benefits from a number of local businesses in our community.

Get a Friends of CERT-SA community card

Supporting local businesses while supporting a worthy cause has just become easier with the Friends Of Cert-SA card.

The friends card is an initiative backed by our local businesses that reward residents for supporting CERT-SA. For a minimal pledging of R100 a month for 12 months you will receive the friends card that will unlock discounts on products and services from various businesses throughout Centurion.

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Who accepts the Friends of CERT-SA community card

Use your cert-sa card at any of the more than 30 local centurion businesses supporting our Friends of CERT initiative. Show your, Friends of CERT card, at any of these businesses when you make a purchase and receive a number of different discounts and/or other benefits.

Enjoy getting something back every time you shop at any the participating businesses. There are several great savings and other promotions available exclusively to Friends of CERT card holders.

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Sign your business up for the Friends of CERT-SA community card

Are you a Centurion business owner and would like to support our friends of CERT initiative? Well that’s easy then, sign your business up today and become a proud supporter of CERT-SA. By signing up your business to support our cause, you are giving back something small to our card holders that have pledged a monthly donation to CERT-SA.

How does it work you ask..?

When you sign up your business for the friends of cert initiative, you may choose to offer exclusive benefits, discounts, gifts or other promotions, to our supporters, when they make a purchase at your business and present their friends or cert card.

Your business/brand will enjoy exclusive promotion and brand exposure on our friends of cert Facebook page, cert website and other marketing platforms. The benefits you offer to our supporters may also aid in attracting more supporters to shop at and support your business. We will provide friends of you with a friends of cert promotional information pamphlets, poster and pyramid, to display on our shop counter or other customer contact points at your business.

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